Alef: Oldschool goatrance rave liveset 2007




I started making liveset music back in 2000, when I begun with hardcore tekno tracks made on PC (you can check them out on , but be careful, it is rather crazy stuff! :) Then in 2001 we started our jungle-tekkno-hiphop soundsystem Hypno ( and I bought my first liveset machine Roland 505 and played jungle/tekkno liveset on our events.


After some time we started playing live with my friends in different bands, last of them being called Hypnotekk  (  You can also find some info and older things on my page  During the years I gradually begun making psytrance liveset and downtempo stuff, and this site is just about it: So go ahead and download some MP3s and enjoy the music! :)





Two pieces of my „acid-rychtatempo“ liveset played on „Kruh 2007“ event, which was the gathering of all Czech and Slovak psytrance crews/groups ( are here:


kruh01.mp3 (5mins, 5 MB, 128 kb/s) - full-on cyber goa

kruh02.mp3 (5mins, 5 MB, 128 kb/s) - oldschool breakbeat rock´n´roll acid goatrance




Parts of my „psychodelic downtempo“ liveset played on „BIOS 2007“ festival ( are here:


bios1.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB, 128/kB/s)

bios2.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB, 128/kB/s)



Part of psytrance set played on event „Metamorphose“ on 24.3.2007 in Cross club is here:

110307.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB, 128 kB/s)



One little downtempo thing is here:

nostalgica_032s.mp3 (4 min, 4 MB, 128 kB/s)



Parts of goatrance set, played on event „Biocross“ 28.2.2007 in Cross are here:

28020701.mp3 (4 min, 4 MB)

28020702.mp3 (4 min, 4 MB)

28020703.mp3 (4 min, 4 MB)

28020704.mp3 (4 min, 4 MB)



Parts of my old goatrance liveset played on Quokka Tribe party in Turbovka club in Prague are here (photos of the place are here


psy1.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB)

psy2.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB)

psy3.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB)

psy4.mp3 (5 min, 5 MB)


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